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Why You Need Professional Content Services?

In today's rapid & volatile markets, starting a business means going against a tidal wave of challenges.

If you're starting out, the burden is huge - from strategizing, financing, technical setup, organization, product development, marketing...

The list goes on and on.

It's basically impossible to stay on top of things without having a team of people you can trust.

A team that will take over a significant part of the business, giving you a breathing space to focus on more important stuff.



What Makes The Difference?

In content marketing, having a reliable provider is key.

The industry is populated with automated agencies where you have a product line and focus on mass production to maximize profits.

This approach favorises the almighty dollar and doesn't care about the people.

With us You’ll Get:

Direct Communication

Hi, I'm Dejan.

I'm the guy behind this thing.

You will always talk with me - not a different agent every time or a platform without a face to help you out. (I do have a team of in-house assistants to help me out with a lot of tasks, but the content goes through me.)

Learn more about us here.

You can ping me on LinkedIn, Skype, or WhatsApp anytime!

High-Quality Copy That Converts

We approach writing with care, science, and precision. Our content is crafted to bond with the audience, inspire, stimulate, and provoke the reaction that leads to successful conversion.

Limited Amount Of Clients

Me and my team are not robots. We are a group of normal, creative people with a goal to help businesses bring an unique, natural tone of voice to the web, alongside reaching professional goals of a business.

Due to this fact, we're unable to take an unlimited amount of clients.

Even though it might be tempting to go mass-production, our goal is different.

Content Strategy - Topical Authority Model

We will help you strategize an entire SEO project by analyzing the competition, doing keyword research, siloing, interlinking, and product/content recommendations.

Personalized Content

Our team specializes in SEO practice, both on-page and off-page. We analyze the project requirements (your needs) and create content around keywords you want to rank for.

We write for the audience primarily and for the Google bots secondarily. We're so confident in ourselves that we promise you UNLIMITED REVISIONS until you're 100% satisfied.

Focus on other stuff in your business model. Leave the content marketing side of the business to us.

We'll create the best content marketing strategy for your business goals, agree on the content production schedule together, and keep blogging on your behalf with the best SEO and content marketing practices.

Packages / Pricing


$0.20 per word

Supported Content Types:

Product copy
Sales pages
Full collaboration from start to finish
Google doc with image links (royal free/paid) (no extra charge)o high-quality sources
SEO-optimized articles for your targeted
keywords using SurferSEO (no extra charge)
UNLIMITED REVISIONS – until you’re 100% satisfied


$0.055 – $0.1 per word

(varies by type of content & tools used)

Supported Content:

All types of articles: guides, lists,
how-to, skyscraper content
Full collaboration – from start to finish
Google doc / with image links to high-quality sources (up to your preference)
Articles SEO optimized for your targeted
keywords No extra charge
UNLIMITED REVISIONS – until you’re 100%satisfied



Scope-Of-Work Based Pricing

(depends on the size of the project & if the blogging is included)

Competition analysis
Authority & Contextual Siloing For Topical Relevance and Best Network Of Posts
Category plan - All Contextual & Properly Interlinked For Best Performance
Interlink plan - For Each Post
Backlink plan - For Each Post (Give us a call for more info)
Content plan & calendar organization

Frequently Asked Questions

What's the average delivery time?

The article delivery usually takes 2-3 days, depending on the article size & current workload, while the content strategy can take up to 3 weeks.

If we’re working with many clients and have lot on our plate, we’ll inform you; but expect us to make an effort and reach your designated deadline.

Do I get images in my article? How about outbound/ interlinks?

Of course, you do! There’s no quality

content without proper media & links in it.

We provide everything an article needs to be of high quality. The image sources are the ones that suit you the best - we agree on that in our communication.

Do you write website copy? I have some pages to be written as well.

Yes, of course!

We’ve made a lot of high-quality, high-converting website pages, ads, and landing pages for many clients.

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